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Does your company need strategic direction in the information technology arena, but cannot justify a full time Chief Information Officer? Are you concerned that your network or information technology staff is more concerned with technology for technology’s sake, rather than for how it can provide greater productivity and profit for your business? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you should consider the services provided by Quo Vadimus, Inc.

With a Virtual CIO from Quo Vadimus, a highly-qualified, business-focused consultant will be assigned to your company. The vCIO works with your firm on a long-term basis to understand your business and provide direction that meets your business needs.

The staff of Quo Vadimus understands technology, but most importantly, our vCIO team understands business. For years, technology companies have been pushing new ideas to the marketplace without adequately understanding the business value. Before you invest in any technology it is important to see demonstrated value for your bottom line.

Your vCIO will work with the staff of your business to develop and chair a technology steering committee. A technology plan will be developed and the technology solutions suggested will be prototyped and tested with your business needs in mind, negating your need to waste significant amounts of money on technology that ultimately does not meet your business goals.

If desired, the vCIO can also provide project planning and direction to your internal information’s systems. Should your company not have adequate resources to deploy the planned technology; the vCIO will work with the other practice groups within Quo Vadimus to deliver the desired business solution. If you are contemplating the investment in a new line of business application, manufacturing application, or a new accounting package, consider our vCIO services. The Quo Vadimus vCIO can help you determine the best choice to meet your specific business needs. Since Quo Vadimus does not engage in the sale of these applications we can provide an unbiased evaluation based strictly on what is best for your business.

Quo Vadimus can assist in designing a vCIO engagement to help your business attain better profitability and efficiency.

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Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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