Call Centers

Quo Vadimus has specialized solutions designed for call centers with up to 400 agents per site, regardless of location. Solutions are scalable, unified with all the functionality to turn your call center into a comprehensive multimedia contact center. In addition to phone calls, faxes and e-mails, the Quo Vadimus solution is ideal for text chats, Web call-back requests, Voice over IP calls and CRM-based screen pops. Quo Vadimus can also include skills-based routing and management capabilities for inbound, outbound, or blended interactions. In additional, Quo Vadimus can offer enhancements in performance, logging, real-time monitoring, reporting, security, development tools, and much more.

Wireless Integration – First Mile

Integrating the latest advances in wireless broadband, distributed computing, and Internet technologies, The Quo Vadimus last mile solution allows anyone to become a full-service telecommunications service provider offering a feature-rich package of local, long-distance, and broadband Internet services to the residential and small business market. Quo Vadimus offers the most advanced end-to-end broadband network solutions using Internet Protocol (IP) wireless access to provide:

✔ Broadband Internet Access
✔ Carrier-Grade Voice
✔ Value-Added Services

Wireless Integration – Satellite Services

Quo Vadimus provides domestic and international private networks allowing for a satellite-based transmission of telephone, data and video. Our satellite services provide organizations, which have geographically dispersed locations, with effective communication facilities in areas of the world where conventional telecommunication infrastructures are lacking.

Proven Quo Vadimus expertise in satellite technology is particularly well suited for complex private networks applications providing telecommunication solutions ranging from simple telephone connectivity to complex intelligent data services such as LAN/WAN and Internet access, and broadcast applications like video-conferencing and tele-education. We also provide turnkey satellite communication systems solutions, ranging from single earth stations to complete national and international telecommunication networks.

VoIP and Converged Networks

You can now replace legacy traditional PBX phone systems and automate the entire communications process with server-based call processing, unified messaging (e-mail, voice mail, and fax), Web capabilities, auto-attendant, presence management, call recording and more. Also fully support workgroups, call centres, multi-site configurations, remote workers and wireless users. Whether you have 16 users to thousands, installations can be completed within a day and provide customers with system administration capabilities from a single interface.

Global Networking

Quo Vadimus can offer fully integrated wireless solutions, including, High-speed Wireless Internet Access , Wireless LAN, Wireless WAN and IP Broadband Wireless Local Loops, regardless of location, worldwide. We can provide internetworking technology that allows seamless connectivity between Satellite Hubs to provide Virtual Private LANs, International Foreign Exchange Services, and support for International Call Centers. We can design and implement distributed global private networks to businesses and mission-critical operations requiring secure links between headquarters and branch offices, partners, and suppliers. Our project managers and engineers work closely with the customers to develop the best solution applicable to your business while maintaining high performance, reliability and growth.

Our Clients

Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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