Network Design

The most important Information Technology decision you will ever make is the strategic design for your business systems.

Quo Vadimus has recognized the fact that many computer designs in the past have failed to deliver the solutions they promised. Today, much of our work involves custom redesigning of systems to lower the total cost of ownership and provide simple, effective business solutions. Our designs deliver multi-vender applications and components to build real world solutions that are simple, cost effective, direct and low maintenance. We have the experience to design a complete LAN/WAN solution for your business with a full knowledge of topologies, NOS’s (Microsoft, HP/Unix, and Novell), security, communications and hardware.

When you choose Quo Vadimus, you have the finest design team in the business working for you. There are no band-aid answers, nor any short-term, limited vision solutions. At Quo Vadimus, we have passed the toughest testing and certification programs in the industry and are recognized for our excellence with partnerships and relationships with industry-leading vendors.

Infrastructure/Data Communications

Quo Vadimus offers complete customized services for every phase of your network life cycle: planning, design, implementation, operation and support. Quo Vadimus can help you avoid the expense of hiring and training additional employees when specific projects arise. By augmenting your existing staff with Quo Vadimus experts, you can more easily size your organization to meet your business needs. In addition, you’ll learn from the experts, including multiple CCIEs, keeping up-to-date on the latest networking technologies, as well as design and management techniques.

Choose from a variety of services:

Customized infrastructure consulting services

Project management

Equipment installation and wiring

Network troubleshooting and performance analysis

Network management solutions

Internet connectivity

Design, Management, and Installation

Setting up a new network or expanding an existing one involves complex management and maintenance issues. Your Quo Vadimus project manager can alleviate the burden of dealing with the day-to-day management of multiple network resources and projects. Consultants, including multiple CCIEs, will work with you to evaluate, design, implement and operate your complex network infrastructure.

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

Using some of the most advanced tools and techniques as well as some of the industries top infrastructure specialists, including a staff of multiple CCIEs, Quo Vadimus is able to offer detailed network evaluation and troubleshooting.

Our services produce reports on utilization, errors, protocol activity, traffic flow analysis and more. You will save money by targeting upgrades where and when they are needed without the guesswork. Quo Vadimus is able to locate the source of your network problems and get your network up and running in record time.

Network Management

In addition to our Infrastructure specialists, Quo Vadimus offers certified consultants able to provide turnkey Network Management solutions. Complete SNMP monitoring and management tools installed by Quo Vadimus will help you manage your network more reliably and efficiently. This will allow IT to enable business services like never before.

Our Clients

Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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