Interim and Crisis Management

Additional Benefits

Quo Vadimus is positioned to help manage a company through a period of restructuring and turnaround. Our role as managers is an extension of our turnaround services, with two additional benefits:

✔ Filling Critical Management Vacancies Quickly

✔ Shortening the Lead-Time for Critical Actions

Senior Management Professionals

Quo Vadimus professionals fall into the following critical senior managements functions:

✔ General Management (CEO, COO)

✔ Financial Operations (CFO)

✔ Information Systems, Billing, and Customer Support (CIO)

✔ Marketing and Sales (CMO)

In those situations where a functioning and reliable operating team is in place, we may supplement the team through the crisis period by providing an interim Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO).

Our experience is broadly based in a wide range of industries from manufacturing, distribution, retail and services to construction, technology, health care, and e-business. Our consultants draw on experience in executive management, operations, lending, financing, and accounting to provide insight and quickly and accurately guide stakeholder decisions.

Our Commitment

Quo Vadimus has an unwavering commitment to:

✔ Implement Objective, Fact-Based Plans.

✔ Provide a Hands-On Approach

Comprehensive analysis that impacts operations, cash flow, and crisis management have earned us the trust of businesses, creditors, lenders, investors, and their counsel since inception.

Our Clients

Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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