Corporate Revitalization

Key Benefits

The benefits of turnaround management are:

✔ Stability and Continued Operation

✔ Accelerated Return to Profitability

✔ Secured Recovered Capital

✔ Minimized Crisis Cost

Zone of Insolvency

When an organization is in decline, the current management faces pressures it is ill prepared to face on its own because it has waited too long to seek professional help. These challenges include:

✔ Pressure from Creditors

✔ Cash Flow Problems and Missed Obligations

✔ Departures of Key Personnel

✔ Problems with Alliance Partners

✔ Eroding Market Presence

✔ Beginning of “Death Spiral”

This stage of the decline, as the company verges on a state of dissolution, is known as the zone of insolvency, and it entails a different set of legal responsibilities for corporate management and boards of directors. Recovering from this decline requires a completely different set of skills and perspective than does managing the same organization in healthier times.

Turnaround Management Process

The Quo Vadimus approach uses proven expertise in these specialized issues to bring about the renewal of your organization, by:

✔ Leveraging the Bankruptcy Code to Deal with Creditors

✔ Finding and Negotiating New Investors

✔ Finding Lenders Specialized in Distressed Debt

✔ Accelerating Sales and Receivables

✔ Working Out Plans and Implementations

✔ Planning and Executing Optimal Exit Strategies

Quo Vadimus has the renewal skills and experience to restore companies viability and a position of stability and growth. Quo Vadimus engagements follow a proven cycle of renewal and restoration:

Staunch Losses

Manage Positive Communication with Employees, Creditors, and Stakeholders

Restructure Finances

Negotiate with Creditors

Attract New Investment

Remove Burdens on Profitability

Focus on Organizational Value

While it is common to cite the lack of money as the obvious cause of crises, there are almost always critical problems at the root of a company’s decline or crisis. Quo Vadimus has a multi-disciplined team who have the experience to successfully address issues of operations efficiency, quality issues, marketing issues, financial management, and technology deficiencies.

Turnaround is not always the best option as not all companies are viable in their current form. Our turnaround professionals have the ability to make the unbiased analyses and recommendations needed to help your organization assess viability and options for the future.

Our Clients

Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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