Merger and Acquisition Support

Major mergers or acquisitions are often catalysts for fundamentally transforming how a company goes to market, organizes for success, and operates its business. Over the past number of years, Quo Vadimus has helped top management at over fifty corporations navigate through complex mergers, acquisitions, and alliances.

Quo Vadimus can help you engineer your M & A strategy by understanding how established and emerging technologies can accelerate the way companies are able to blend together their businesses, in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, high technology, telecommunications, medical devices, real estate, and construction.

Competitive Advantages

Global Support.

Quo Vadimus can support global deals with trained local resources anywhere in the world, combining geographic, industry, functional, and merger integration skills.

Full M & A Lifecycle Support

From methodologies and tools to team-based skills, we can support any and all parts of the merger integration lifecycle across all industries.

Sample Areas of Support

Target Search and Selection

Our approach analyzes potential targets, taking into account strategic, operational, cultural and financial fit. We look at the key drivers of medium to long-term success for the combined entity.

Integration Planning

Our team of seasoned professionals help coordinate all of the activities that occur when integrating two companies, by providing pre-developed, detailed checklists of activities for each function.

Pre-Deal Planning

Given the critical nature of first year integration goals, and the need to begin integration as quickly as possible, we recommend beginning the planning process early, utilizing tools such as the “Clean Room” to achieve progress while not violating pre-deal regulatory prohibitions.

Systems Integration

Quo Vadimus can help integrate (or use middleware to bridge) almost any combination of systems. We have access to existing voice and data telecommunication networks that can connect numerous, worldwide sites with secure, high capacity connectivity within hours.

Strategic Redirection

For projects that are not exclusively cost-reduction oriented, our professionals are adept at reestablishing strategy to take advantage of the assets and skills of both companies.

Our Clients

Here are some of the many companies with which Quo Vadimus has been involved with their success, assisting by providing positive direction, leadership and shareholder value.

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